Do you suffer from the pain of osteoarthritis?

  • Improved function of joint osteoarthritis of the finger.

By Dr. Kullich W., & Dr. Ausserwinkler M., of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute from Saalfelden, Austria. 

  • Gonarthrosis

By Levers A., Staat M., of the Institute of Bio-Engineering, Laboratory for Biomechanics, Aachen University from Jülich, Germany, & Prof. and Dr. Van Laack W from Herzogenrath, Germany.

Published in : Orthopedic Practice, 47(11), p. 521-528.


  • Gonarthrosis

By Auerbach B.(1), Yacoub A.(2), & Melzer C.(1), of the Waldkrankenhaus Bad Düben, specialist hospital for orthopedics, from Bad Düben, Germany (1), and of the orthopedic practice, from Taucha, Germany (2).

  • Gonarthrosis

By Jansen H., Brockamp T., Paletta J.R., Ochman S., Raschke M.J., & Meffert R., of the Department of Trauma Hand and Reconstructive Surgery, Münster University, from Münster, Germany.

Find out more about this innovative therapy and osteoarthritis!

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and intracellular calcium

Discover how the Therapeutic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance changes the balance in intracellular calcium and reduces the Interleukin-1β induced increase of NF-κB activity in chondrocytes.

By Steinecker-Frohnwieser B., Kullich W., of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute from Saalfelden, Austria, and Mann A., Kress H.G., & Weigl L., of the Department of Special Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy, Medical University of Vienna from Vienna, Austria.

Published in : Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology, 36(2), p. 294-301.